iPage Raises Prices, Makes it Difficult to Cancel

Just a heads up for people who have iPage hosting or are considering their services.

I looked at my credit card bill today and saw an iPage charge that was $20 higher for hosting a website than I paid last year.  No notice, no nothing. iPage just charged more for the automatic hosting renewal.

The charge comes 15 days before the end of service I’ve paid for.  So, I called iPage’s billing department.  If the price really went up, then I wanted to move the site to another hosting service.  I figured I move sometime this week, before the expiration of the hosting service I have already paid for.

Here’s what I found:

It takes 30 minutes on hold to reach an agent.

The agent confirmed that they raised the price.

She said that they can cancel my account and issue a credit on my card, but cancellation will immediately take down the web site that I paid for through October 14th.  If I want to move the site before it’s taken down by iPage, she said that I will have to call billing back when I am ready for the cancellation (and wait another 30 minutes on hold, I guess).

There is no way she can either reduce the price to what I paid this year or simply not let the renewal take place in October.

I wonder if there’s some type of theft going on when they only accept immediate cancellations and take the two weeks of already paid-for hosting service ? Of course, I am not an attorney, and I am sure that iPage’s attorney’s would explain that they have the right to do what they’re doing because of some fine print somewhere.

So, let me just say that their practices are user hostile and sleazy.  I recommend staying away from iPage.

4 Replies to “iPage Raises Prices, Makes it Difficult to Cancel”

  1. iPage is just terrible. Signed up for it on December 31 in 2013 with some promotional deal for 2 years. Planned to cancel it before it renews this year, but they just charged me $300 for the next 2 years 2 weeks before the billing date. My account says that the last bill date was “Thursday, December 31, 2015”, which is like in 2 weeks. This is just horrible.

    1. 100% sounds like them. they are the worst. they kept charging me and telling me “ok we won’t be charging you next year” but guess what?? THEY CHARGED ME. i finally had to dispute the charge with the credit card company.

  2. I asked Ipage for no renew my account, they sent a confirmation of no renew. And now I am getting my credit card charged again !!

    I will have to cancel my credit card !!

    Give your credit card to Ipage is worse than a porn site !!

  3. I got the same garbage from them.

    My plan went from less than $50 to nearly $300!

    I’m lucky in that I changed credit cards and didn’t give them the # of the new one, and there’s no way I would even if they lowered my rates after reading other reviews.

    The real kicker is that in order to make an auto-backup, I have to pay an additional $12.95. Seriously?!

    It’s a pain, but I will still just manually back up all my sites and databases and go to another host.

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