Marin Estate Planning Attorneys at the Law Offices of Julia WaldDo you know who you want to inherit your assets? Or, are you facing probate of an estate? Or, are you watching out for an elderly relative or friend and want to make sure that their property and money are legally protected?

Marin estate planning attorneys at the Law Offices of Julia P. Wald service families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area with the full-range of elder law issues. Their forte is estate planning, and they are experienced in creating living trusts and drafting wills.

They also assist people who are not able to make their own decisions. They create conservatorships to protect the proposed conservatee from serious health problems and/or from undue influence in financial matters.

In addition, Julia and her team work with families on probating estates, establishing trusts, and responding sensitively to the unique needs of each client.

Julie recommends that you review your estate plan documents periodically, even if your personal situation is the same. Some State and Federal laws effecting inheritance and other topics change every year. A new clause or requirement might impact you!

I have known Julia personally for many years, and she’ll do a great job for you and your family. She’s familiar with traditional family needs and is also skilled and sensitive to non-traditional relationships.

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Check out the Law Offices of Julia Wald’s updated, promotion-focused website. Read the FAQs and estate planning information. And, also give her a call so that you know your plans are current.