Almost a year ago I suggested that people spare themselves the expense of buying new web hosting if they were thinking of starting a blog.  (See “So You Think You Need a Business Blog”).

I wrote then, and still believe, that you should not spend money when you start blogging.  You first should see if  you’re serious about writing regularly.

Once you’ve determined that you are a blogger, then you can get fancy and start spending time and money on the blog infrastructure.

This weekend I decided that my blogging schedule was serious enough to consider my effort serious.  I decided to invest in a hosted blog.


Blue Host web hosting services

This Blogs Lives at Blue Host

  • I want more flexibility in choosing blog themes.
  • I want a larger choice of add-ins.
  • I want to explore more customizations.
  • I want to have hands-on experience to help clients.

I took WordPress’ hosting recommendation for Blue Host, and signed up for an account there.  I exported the posts from my free blog, and moved them over to the new site (this one,

I have learned about WordPress plug-is, selected a few, and have started down the path of more customization and more control.

Now, I will just have to remind myself to keep focused on the content.  Spending endless hours tweaking internal settings my be techy-geeky fun.  But, it’s not blogging.