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A potential client spoke to me last week about the different problems he’d had with various web designers.  Of course I wanted to reassure him that I was not like them.

Some of how I am different is listed on my web site under my biography and web design philosophy, but I realized that I didn’t state the standards I work to.  Basically, there wasn’t any promise that would reassure the prospect that I wasn’t like all the rest who had treated web design and Search Engine Optimization like inconvenient tasks they had to do for money between creative graphic gigs.

I am serious about serving clients and want to let them know what to expect. I want them to know they’re not going to be surprised.  Here’s a list of commitments and expectations I have for my work.

Does this list cover enough fears? Let me know what changes or additions you think would help clients know that I’m the low-risk choice for web design and Internet promotion!

Commitments to My Clients

Communications. I will respond to phone calls and emails within one business day.  The exception to this schedule will be announced vacation times when I am away from the Internet.  These off-the-grid vacations have occurred on the average of less than two weeks per year since Ozdachs Consulting started operating nine years ago.

Cost estimates. I will provide you with a cost estimate for clearly-defined jobs and will not overrun that estimate by more than 5%.  If the costs appear to be greater than initially estimated, I will advise you as soon as I see the potential for growth.  When the scope of work has changed we will agree either on a revised estimate or a mitigation plan to control the costs.

Schedule. I will provide a schedule for the work before you engage me.

Ownership.  You will own the text and graphics you provide for the website.  You will own the text and graphics I create for you, including photographs I take and edit for you.  If I use third-party stock photos or other tools, we both are subject  to the licensing agreements of the third parties;  I will not select any tools which require on-going payment for their use without getting your approval. The components of the web site design coding  such as style sheets and scripts will be owned by me or whoever I licensed them from. You will have a perpetual right to use these components on your web site without additional compensation.

On-going Support. I will be available to maintain or enhance your web site for the foreseeable future.  I enjoy updating sites. My professional plans are to continue to develop Ozdachs Consulting, and I am not seeking other employment.

References. I will provide contact information of past or current Ozdachs clients on request.  I will also give you links to their sites so you can ask detailed questions about my work.

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  1. Patricia Bonnell July 5, 2010 at 9:45 am - Reply

    Galen – I think these are excellent points to make with potential clients. As one of your long-time web clients, I can attest to the truth of all of these statements. In this era of kids who buy your domain name, throw up a website, and then disappear into cyberspace when they move on to other ventures, it’s great to know that there are solid web professionals out there who won’t break the bank. Ozdachs absolutely fits that description.

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