I’m being interviewed for a podcast this week about easy and inexpensive social media actions small businesses can take.  Stuff like Facebook, Twitter,  Groupon, etc.

I’m starting my outline and have some initial ideas of what social media can do:

1.    Put your name in front of potential clients/your clients.
2.    Create “buzz” for your business. If you catch eyes on social media, others will do your marketing for you!
3.    Make you an expert.  When you post authoritative articles, people will come to your blog for information and they’ll come to you for expert services.
4.    Create more incoming links to your website.  No human may read your blog, but Google will.  Google will treat social media links as evidence that your site is popular and that it should show up higher in search results.
5.    Use a new advertising channel.  Social media ads have the promise of being targeted at people who are already looking for services like yours and who are in your physical neighborhood.
6.    Create an illusion of success and recreate your business’ personality.

What info do you want to hear about?  What tips should I pass on?

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