A group of local techy geeks have been meeting for lunch and swapping stories for a year or so. As we talked about client tragedies, we recognized that many of the dilemmas our customers face could be easily avoided with a bit of insight.

Thus was born the Queeks blog.

We’re committed to contributing regularly to the blog, in addition to what we write on our own web sites and social media spots.

Check out the two Queeks tips from Ozdachs:

  1. Put Your Business on the Map
  2. Don’t Publicize Like It’s 1999

We’re Back Here, too!
I’ve just finished a tour of jury duty that started in November. I was able to continue working for clients by extending the days and working weekends.

But, something had to go. So, there have been no blog postings or Dangerous Common Sense newsletters since I started on the jury.

They’re starting up again!